Who are we?

We are a couple hunters just like you! A small local business started from the ground up, located in Owen Sound, ON.  

Starting up a small business isn't always easy but with supporters like you, we can thank you for where we stand today!

We stand by it. 

We hand select the wood for our Pot Calls to make sure we have the purest quality and finest detail in every cut. From cutting to sanding, to drilling and branding; your call is made by hand.

Each and every call is finely inspected to make sure that it has the exceptional quality that you deserve!

It's not just another pot call. With every wood grain we offer, also comes the choice of sound surface. We aren't just a one and done company. Each and every sound surface has its perks. However, no matter what your surface choice/preference is, you'll be sure to get that realism that your looking for! 

Remember practice, practice, practice. You won't be calling in those birds without challenging yourself and putting in the work. If you want results, thats up to you!

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New or experienced hunter, we will do our best to answer all your questions.

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